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Tastes of the Mediterranean

Tastes of the Mediterranean

Taste the lighter side of delicious at Olive Garden. Explore our Tastes of the Mediterranean menu, with a range of entrées all under 600 calories.

And now our latest Tastes of the Mediterranean entrees bring our love for Italy's Mediterranean Coast to your table with ingredients like fresh vegetables, seafood and olive oil.

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Smart Dining Tips

Smart Dining Tips

Whether you're looking for a low calorie entrée or a simple indulgent dinner, we have plenty of variety on our menu for you to choose from.

Here are some additional tips to help you make the delicious choice that's right for you:

  • Try our delicious low-fat salad dressing, which is half the calories of our regular dressing!
  • We have a variety of diet sodas, iced teas and light beers that will quench your thirst without all of the calories
  • We will gladly substitute whole grain linguine for any pasta or fresh vegetables for any side – just ask!
  • If you can't resist dipping our famous breadsticks, choose our freshly made marinara sauce, which is lower in calories and fat than Alfredo or Five Cheese Marinara sauce.
  • Ask for a To-Go box when ordering your meal. Separate your meal into what you'll enjoy in the restaurant and what you plan to take home. Or, just ask your server to box it up for you.
  • Our Dolcinis (mini desserts which are all under 300 calories) let you end your meal with a sweet treat without going overboard. Or, share one of our full-sized desserts with a friend.