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Congrats to everyone who got a Never Ending Past Pass! For those who didn't, you can still join us for Never Ending Pasta Bowl with over 20 never ending choices.

frequently asked questions

I see the Pasta Passes have sold out online – is there still an opportunity for me to get one this year?

Due to overwhelming guest demand, our Never Ending Pasta Passes sold out quickly and our online sale is now officially closed. Don't despair - you still have a chance to score a Never Ending Pasta Pass by engaging with us on Olive Garden's social media channels. Follow along and join the conversation with #PastaPass and connect with Olive Garden at, and

Do I need a Pasta Pass to enjoy Never Ending Pasta Bowl?

No! From October 5 – November 22, all guests will be able to enjoy Never Ending Pasta Bowl starting at $9.99 at your local Olive Garden.

Can I change the name on my Pasta Pass?

Pasta Passes are personalized and non-transferable. If you have any questions about your specific pass, please contact Guest Relations at (844) 209-3484 or reach out to us on social media via Facebook or Twitter.

Do I need to show an ID to use the Pasta Pass?

We reserve the right to ask for identification when redeeming the Pasta Pass.

How many people are covered by the Pasta Pass?

• Individual Pass: Only the Pasta Pass Passholder receives Never Ending Pasta Bowl entrées and Coca-Cola® soft drinks. However, all guests of the Pasta Pass Passholder receive Coca-Cola® soft drinks during the dine-in visit.

• Family Pass: The named Passholder and up to 3 guests receive Never Ending Pasta Bowl entrées. All guests of the Family Pass Passholder receive Coca-Cola® soft drinks during the dine-in visit.

Can I share the Pasta Pass with a friend or family member?

The Pasta Pass is intended for use by the Passholder whose name appears on the printed Pasta Pass. Pasta Passes are personalized and non-transferable. If you have an Individual Pass, the Pass is intended for your use only. If you have a Family Pass, you may bring up to 3 guests with you when you redeem your Pass.

Does my Pasta Pass cover other beverages (coffee, iced tea, alcoholic beverages, etc.)?

In addition to Coca-Cola® soft drinks, you may enjoy unflavored iced tea with your Pasta Pass. Other beverages (Bellini Peach-Raspberry Iced Tea, Raspberry Lemonade, Limonatas, Coffee, etc.) are not included.

Can I order Never Ending Pasta Bowl ToGo and use my Pasta Pass?

You may redeem your Pasta Pass ToGo twice per day. Individual Pasta Pass Passholders will receive 1 dinner portion with breadsticks and soup or salad. A dinner portion is a pasta/sauce combination and a single serving of the topping of your choice. Family Pass Passholders may receive up to 4 dinner portions per redemption, with breadsticks and soup or salad. Refills are not available ToGo, but you are welcome to never ending refills during dine-in visits. Both Passes receive 1 complimentary soft drink per Pasta Pass ToGo portion. When placing an online ToGo order, select "Pay at the Restaurant" to complete your transaction and present your Pasta Pass for payment when you pick up your order.

Is the Pasta Pass valid for gluten-free pasta?

Yes – our Gluten-Free Rotini is in the Never Ending Pasta Bowl lineup. Combine with Traditional Meat Sauce and Italian Sausage for a complete meal without gluten-containing ingredients.

Two members of my party have Pasta Passes – do we need separate checks?

Yes, you will need separate checks – the redemption process requires each Pasta Pass to be redeemed separately.

Is gratuity included with the Pasta Pass?

No, gratuity is not included – but is always appreciated.

Can I use my Pass at Canada or Puerto Rico Olive Garden locations?

The Pasta Pass is valid only at US locations, excluding Puerto Rico.

I purchased a Pass, but it hasn't arrived yet – how can I get a status update?

3-5 business days after completing your purchase, you should receive an email confirming that your order has shipped. This confirmation will contain a UPS tracking number. If you still have questions about the status of your order, please contact Guest Relations at (844) 209-3484.

I have a different question that is not addressed here. Who should I ask?

We welcome your questions. Please call us Monday-Friday 10am-4pm at (844) 209-3484 or engage with us on social media via Facebook or Twitter.





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