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Meet the Mediterranean flavors in our Tastes of the Mediterranean menu and order now.

Explore Italy’s lighter, brighter and delicious side of life, with our new Tastes of the Mediterranean.

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Welcome to Italy's Coast

Where light, simple ingredients blend together to
create refreshing dishes full of flavor. Learn about
each wholesome ingredient that inspired our new
Tastes of the Mediterranean menu.

Olive Oil from Sicily is a key ingredient in our Chicken Margherita

It's hard to think of Italian food without thinking
of Sicilian olive oil. A staple in Mediterranean
cooking for over 6,000 years, olive oil is a key
ingredient in the flavorful pesto that tops our
Chicken Margherita.

Tomatoes from Naples are a key ingredient in our Shrimp Scampi

Fresh produce, such as tomatoes, makes our dishes
flavorful and colorful, and has always been an
important ingredient in Italian cuisine. In fact, after
Christopher Columbus introduced tomatoes to
Italy, the people of the Mediterranean, specifically
Naples, were the first to combine them with pasta!
Taste this classic combination for yourself in our
Shrimp Scampi.

Seafood from Genoa is a key ingredient in our Linguine Di Mare

The climate and landscape of Italy's Amalfi
and Sorrento coasts are perfect for growing
lemons, which add a bright freshness and
flavor to our Chicken Piccata featuring a
lemon garlic butter sauce.

Surrounded by water, Genoa and other Italian coastal cities
are the perfect places to find delicious seafood like shrimp,
mussels, and salmon. While the Mediterranean diet features
an abundance of vegetables, it also includes plenty of these
healthy proteins like in our Linguine Di Mare.

Seafood from Genoa is a key ingredient in our Linguine Di Mare

Explore the dishes
inspired by these ingredients.

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New tastes of the Mediterranean