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Olive Garden catering with delivery is a hit when you never have to miss a moment of the party

The party’s a hit when you
never have to miss a moment

You have enough on your plate, let us fill everyone else's.
With Olive Garden Catering, your favorite Italian dishes are delivered right to your door. There’s always something everyone will love, plenty to go around, and there are restaurant locations nearby that offer delivery to your home or party.

as easy as...
Place your catering order online or call. Olive Garden will deliver food to you so you can relax. Enjoy an amazing meal with delicious food and easy cleanup

Order and pay online or call in your Catering order.

Relax while
we take care of delivery.

Enjoy an amazing meal with delicious food and an easy cleanup.

24-hour notice preferred for orders within delivery area; if shorter notice is needed, call for accommodation.
Chafing dish, rack and fuel are available upon request.

Catering Meal Combinations

All serve 10-14 people.

Lasagna Combination

Lasagna Classico • Five Cheese Ziti OR Fettuccine Alfredo • 2 Jumbo
Famous House Salads • 2 Dozen Breadsticks • Fresh Brewed Iced Tea
(Gallon) • 14 Mini Desserts

Chicken Marsala Combination

Chicken Marsala • Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Meatballs
2 Jumbo Famous House Salads • 2 Dozen Breadsticks • Fresh
Brewed Iced Tea (Gallon) • 14 Mini Desserts

Chicken Parmigiana Combination

Chicken Parmigiana • Five Cheese Ziti OR Fettuccine Alfredo
2 Jumbo Famous House Salads • 2 Dozen Breadsticks • Fresh
Brewed Ice Tea (Gallon) • 14 Mini Desserts (For limited time)


frequently asked questions

What is included in my catering delivery order?

Every catering delivery order comes with grated cheese, serving and eating utensils, table covers, plates, napkins and after dinner mints. Chafing dish, rack, and fuel are available upon request.

How far in advance do I need to place my catering delivery order?

We suggest you place your order 24 hours in advance, but shorter times could be accommodated depending on delivery details, and your order can be placed as far as 30 days prior to the event date.

How do I place my catering delivery order?

Now you can order catering delivery online! Start your online order now and pick your favorites with the ease and convenience of our desktop and mobile sites. Or you can call or visit your local Olive Garden and our dedicated Catering Specialist will be happy to guide you through menu selections and delivery details.

How many people would each pan serve?

Most of our a la carte catering pans serve 4 – 6 generous portions, and our Lasagna Classico pan serves up to 12. Make sure to check out our Catering Meal Combinations, each designed to serve 10 – 14 people a complete meal everyone will love, including dessert, salad, beverage and, of course, our delicious breadsticks!

Where do you deliver?

Start your order online to see if your event address can be serviced by one of our restaurants. We strive to deliver our food with the best quality and at the right temperature every time so we make sure that your food spends less time traveling and more time being enjoyed.

Can I pick up my catering order?

We offer both pickup and delivery services to meet your catering needs. You can order your favorite Italian Catering combinations online and pick up at an Olive Garden restaurant near you.

What size groups can you cater for?

We can handle anything from small to medium groups of 10 to 50 all the way to large occasions of several hundred people for your party or your meeting. We recommend placing orders online for events with 5 to 100 people – for larger groups call your local restaurant.

What is the minimum order for delivery?

The minimum order to qualify for delivery is $100 of Catering items (before taxes, coupons and delivery fee).

Are your menu prices higher for deliveries?

We never mark up our menu prices for delivery. You pay the same for pickup or delivery and get the same abundant portions, food quality and value.

Is there a delivery fee?

All orders are subject to a 15% delivery fee up to $500, then 5% for every dollar thereafter. The delivery fee covers the cost to package, transport and set up your event (where provided). The delivery fee is not a tip for the Delivery Specialist – please feel free to tip your Delivery Specialist based on your experience.

When is it appropriate to request chafing dishes and fuel?

For occasions where time between setup and service is extended or you have an event with a prolonged service, we recommend adding chafing dishes and warmers to your order to maintain food temperature. Also, chafing dishes are great when a higher level of presentation is wanted.

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Olive Garden catering is available for pickup or delivery. Find restaurants near me.

Enjoy your favorite
food with your
favorite people

Now that catering is available for pick
up or delivery, it’s easier than ever.


$100 minimum catering order.
Delivery fee applies.

Let us cater your wedding shower.